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Starting a Business in Costa Rica?

We help you do business in Costa Rica, guiding you through all the necessary governmental formalities in order to start your business successfully.

Our services include:

  • Creating business entities.
  • Registration of company powers, Board of Directors and capital stock.
  • Registration of trademarks.
  • Registration with the Tax Office.
  • Registration with Costa Rican Social Security and with the National Insurance Company.
  • Proceedings for municipal licenses and for health services.
  • Opening of bank accounts.
  • Create government-required accounting books and legal books
  • Setting up your accounting software or one provided by our office
  • Advice on tax, labor and business matters.


Administrative Services

Until recently, this practice was seen solely as a means to reduce costs but in recent years it has proven to be a useful tool for business growth. Some reasons are:

  • Reduction and/or control of operating expenses.
  • Focus on business development rather than on administrative control and compliance which can waste time and resources.
  • Availability of highly trained personnel to ensure that your business operates smoothly
  • Increased efficiency. Ensure quality and avoid the risk of turnover in key positions.

 These services allow the company to focus on business issues exclusively, to access capabilities and world-class materials, to accelerate the benefits of reengineering, to share risks and to allocate resources for other purposes.

  Our services include:

  • Payroll Administration.
  • Agricultural Payroll Administration.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • Employment Services on behalf of another company.
  • Payments to Employees.
  • Payments to Providers.
  • Invoicing Customers.
  • Procedures for taxes, banking, employment and similar activities.

You can count on us for highly trained personnel and for software tailored to your needs.


External Audit

Our approach is based upon International Auditing Standards (IAS).  In addition, we can issue a professional opinion based on IFRS, IAS, U.S. GAAP or any other criteria required by the client.

Our External Audit services are available to all customers who need to identify and mitigate the risks inherent in their activities so that they can confront the constant changes in the market. Through the application of our expertise and timely communications with our customers, we guarantee excellent service.

Our firm is not limited to the issuance of an audit report. We also focus on providing added value and better results to our clients through constant market assessments, flow operations and the review of financial statements.  These procedures allow us to offer recommendations to strengthen and to improve internal control systems, as well as suggesting improved methods and administrative procedures, as a whole.

The focus of the work will concentrate on identifying the principal risks to the Company, which could have significant effects on the financial statements, and testing the internal controls for the purpose of maintaining these risks at acceptable levels. One of the important aspects we take into account when planning our work is the expectations of the Administration.

These expectations, coupled with our experience and knowledge of strategic decisions, allow us to direct our work to the areas of greatest concern to the Administration.

Accounting Services

 Accounting Outsourcing services are offered in accordance with the Financial Reporting Standards for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) as well as for larger enterprises. We also provide compilation services in accordance with International Standard Services 4410, titled "Compilation Engagements", issued by the Auditing Practices Committee.

Services may include:

  • Initial configuration of systems.
  • Processing monthly financial information.
  • Issuance of monthly financial statements in Spanish or English.
  • Issuance of special reports such as budgets and cash flows.
  • Preparation of tax returns. .
  • Continuous improvement of accounting, tax and business processes.


Our main objective is to provide quality service at a reasonable price and in the most timely manner.

Tax Services

Our principal services are:

1. Tax Analysis.

We conduct an analysis of the compliance with the tax law and we present our recommendations based upon current legislation and case law.

 2. Tax Consulting.

We provide ongoing advice on taxes and we keep our clients informed of key guidelines and rulings of the Tax Administration.

3. Fiscal and Workforce Planning.

We analyze the situation of the company, its legal structure, and its business and operational relationships for the purpose of recommending sustainable structures that provide operational and tax efficiencies within a framework of legality.

4. Regional Tax Strategies.

We implement regional operational schemes that result in tax savings for the Group by taking advantage of the legal possibilities inherent in the tax laws of each country.

5. Tax Audits.

We support your business during any audit process by defending your interests with the best legal and accounting principles.

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