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External Audit

Our approach is based upon International Auditing Standards (IAS).  In addition, we can issue a professional opinion based on IFRS, IAS, U.S. GAAP or any other criteria required by the client.

Our External Audit services are available to all customers who need to identify and mitigate the risks inherent in their activities so that they can confront the constant changes in the market. Through the application of our expertise and timely communications with our customers, we guarantee excellent service.

Our firm is not limited to the issuance of an audit report. We also focus on providing added value and better results to our clients through constant market assessments, flow operations and the review of financial statements.  These procedures allow us to offer recommendations to strengthen and to improve internal control systems, as well as suggesting improved methods and administrative procedures, as a whole.

The focus of the work will concentrate on identifying the principal risks to the Company, which could have significant effects on the financial statements, and testing the internal controls for the purpose of maintaining these risks at acceptable levels. One of the important aspects we take into account when planning our work is the expectations of the Administration.

These expectations, coupled with our experience and knowledge of strategic decisions, allow us to direct our work to the areas of greatest concern to the Administration.

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